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No experience is ever a problem with Mindy’s Munchies! That’s because our expert franchise training and support will bring you up to speed on everything you need to know to operate and grow your franchise successfully.

Become part of the Mindy’s Munchies family with your very own franchise!

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Shop Site Selection Help

We know how important location is to a business, especially when first starting out, so our experts are on hand to help you find and set up the perfect one for your Mindy's Munchies franchise. We'll factor in things like demographics, accessibility, parking, competition, and much more so you can be sure your franchise is situated in a location that benefits from maximum visibility and traffic. Additionally, we’ll provide you with store specs for the perfect layout and a list of approved suppliers for things like furniture, fixtures, equipment, technology, and more.

You'll also enjoy an exclusive territory that will not be in competition with other Mindy's Munchies franchises and that will be large enough to allow you to grow and scale in a meaningful way.


Initial Training

Feeling prepared to do business from day one is essential, and our comprehensive initial training will make sure that happens. Our classes typically take place at our headquarters in Norwood, NJ, and are led by our chief snackologist herself, Mindy Mosco and her team! They go over everything you’ll need to know to own and operate your new Mindy’s Munchies store. Over the course of approximately two weeks, you and up to two others of your team will learn everything about:

How to leverage our proven business model
How to find and hire friendly, qualified staff
How to market your franchise to reach your community
How to set and track growth goals
How to take advantage of important vendor relationships
How to create our delicious made-in-store treats
And so much more!

You’ll also enjoy on-site store opening support from one of our Mindy’s Munchies team members to ensure everything is good to go! After that, you’ll have access to our proprietary Operations Manual, which outlines all of our established processes and procedures in detail. Our goal is to ensure you’re ready to start serving our sweet and savory snacks, and we don’t leave that to chance!

Ongoing Support

Our franchise training and support doesn’t stop once you’re open for business — in fact, in many ways, it becomes more important. We use our decades of industry experience to keep our franchisees on top of best practices and the go-to sources for all things decadent and delicious! Our team will…
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Create sweet new treats and services to add to your menu
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Help you resolve any operational issues through additional training
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Facilitate administrative, bookkeeping, accounting, and inventory control procedures as needed
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Create robust national and regional marketing strategies to keep you in front of your best customers
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Include your shop location on our national website so folks can find you easily
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And much more!

The truth is, you could open your small business independently and take on all the work yourself — or you could partner with Mindy’s Munchies and be in business for yourself, never by yourself. We think the choice is deliciously clear!

Become part of the Mindy’s Munchies family with your very own franchise!

Reach out to our team today to start your journey!

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